From the scenic mountains and rivers of north Idaho to the lush cloud forest of central Costa Rica, boys who come to Northwoods have the opportunity to live in places most people dream of.

At Northwoods your boys have the opportunity to grow into young men. From tending gardens, to playing team sports, to cooking all of their meals, washing their own laundry, and cleaning their rooms and the house, we give our students the life skills they need to thrive.

Coming to visit?

We welcome you to call us or visit any or all of our sites. We encourage and support frequent healthy visits from families to any of our sites. The small towns of Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry are charming welcoming. Please click below for lodging options.
Costa Rica Lodging: In addition to our main lodge in La Tigra, we have a cabina on the property up the road from us where your family is welcome to stay when you visit us.