Making the Grade

Every student that comes to the Northwoods program has different academic needs. The reason that Northwoods is considered a quality, individualized educational opportunity is, in part, how we address these different needs. Northwoods provides a variety of educational options to suit each students and families needs.

With students ranging from 8th grade to the 12th grade, the academic opportunities need to be flexible and diverse. Students are enrolled into the Idaho Digital Learning Academy ( IDLA) through Bonners Ferry High School in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. Our students travel to Costa Rica where they continue their online studies. In Costa Rica we have a certified teacher who runs the classroom and oversees our boys’ education. These classes can be paced to meet the skill level of  each student taking them.

For the students at our Sagle campus there is an opportunity of attending the Forrest Bird Charter School. The advantages of this are many. First the student is in a small school, 200+ students, so the students don’t get lost in the system. Second it is a valuable piece in the reintegration process, allowing the young men to practice their skills in a public setting that is still controlled. The small school setting allows the students to get help and assists them in establishing a successful foothold on the academic and social portion of their transition.

Whether it is the self paced classes or the small public high school Northwoods has opportunities to fit a students individual academic needs. For Northwoods students, the classroom can truly be wherever they are.