Counseling and Therapy Services

Northwoods believes that therapy techniques that work best are, reality therapy, trauma work, love and logic approach, strength-based and systems oriented. We believe we meet the child and family where they are at and improve on strengths they have, look at weaknesses, and use therapeutic methods and wrap around the child and family with Northwoods staff. We set program goals to meet the child’s needs to be successful within his community, school and at home.

Rawlings Community Counseling

It is the mission of RCC to work as a multidisciplinary treatment team providing a model of holistic healing that creates potential for growth and stability through professional mental health and addiction service.

RCC provides Mental Health Counseling for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Our addictions services provide both adolescent and adult outpatient treatment. To sweeten the deal, RCC has two therapists who are trained in EMDR, a well-known and highly respected trauma treatment. Our therapists have over 40 years of combined professional experience. Our backgrounds vary, as do our areas of expertise, so we are able to make an impressive array of resources available to our clients. Our Philosophy: each of us has a life journey. No two are the same. The need for counseling arises when we step off our path and our intended trajectory is interrupted. It is our role as counselors to help you navigate back onto your path. The direction is yours to choose. The goals are yours to set. We are simply here to facilitate your return to a beneficial and functioning way. When you come to RCC for counseling we develop treatment based on YOUR specific needs. RCC accepts most major health insurances.

Services Offered at RCC

MENTAL HEALTH THERAPY: Children, Adolescence, Adults, Couples and Family Services, Individualized Counseling, Holistic and Family Counseling, Trauma Specialists, EMDR, Case Management & Transportation

ADDICTIONS TREATMENT: Adolescent and Adult Services, Individualized 1-on-1 and family Counseling, Addictions Evaluations, Court Ordered DUI and Drug Evaluations, Alcohol and Drug Information School, Case management & Transportation, Victims Panel

Chris Rawlings


After getting ChrisBioPicmy BA in Health Promotion from Boise State in 1995, I cut my teeth working in boarding schools and wilderness programs with at risk youth and their families. In 2008 I attained my Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy through Bastyr University, a small private school outside of Seattle, Washington. Shortly thereafter I had the opportunity to begin work with Substance Use Disorders at a treatment center in Northern Idaho. I attained my Advanced Certification in Alcohol and Drug Counseling and in the process discovered a real passion for the science of addiction and dual

I believe it’s important to challenge myself on an ongoing basis in order to continue learning and growing. This approach, along with a healthy sense of humor, helps me connect with those that I work with and that is of fundamental importance.

We are very proud of the service we provide for our community, and I am honored to call the beautiful Kootenai Valley my home.

Treva Rawlings

LCPC, EMDR and Qualified Substance Use Disorders Professional

TrevaBioPicI am a thankful mother of two adult daughters and the wife of a very loving husband. I have selectively chosen to live in a beautiful part of our country where I get to soak up as much healing from the outdoors as I can. I grew up in Montana and have since lived in Alaska, North Dakota before the oil boom, then landing in Northern Idaho since 2001.

A significant portion of my career has been working with at risk adolescence, young adults and their families. I have treated individuals with a variety of mental health symptoms and addictions disorders. I also work with children and adults and have a passion for helping individuals overcome life wounds that have created unproductive patterns in their lives.

Previous to becoming a therapist, I was physical education teacher. Since I was a teenager, I have felt a sense of compassion and understanding for the effects that trauma has on people. I became a therapist specifically to help people heal life trauma. After completing graduate school I continued to feel ill- equipped to help people heal trauma through talk therapy alone so I took the first opportunity to learn how to use EMDR in my therapy practice. I started my EMDR training in 2009 and continue to feel amazed with every client as I witness their progress through EMDR therapy. I am an EMDR enthusiast and have co-facilitated teaching EMDR workshops to support in teaching other clinicians how to use EMDR therapy in their own practice. I am EMDR certified and a consultant in training.

Jeremy Gau


JeremyBioPicI am originally from Washington State, but I moved to North Idaho when I was five years old.   I thus learned from a young age to enjoy living, working, and playing in the outdoors.  I graduated from Bonners Ferry High School and attended North Idaho College, where I received my Associates Degree.  I then went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Idaho, before attending Boise State University, where I was awarded a Master’s Degree in Social Work.  I obtained my LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) from the state of Idaho and then began my professional career at the Northwest Children’s Home in Lewiston, working with troubled youth in residential treatment.  I have since worked with children in a school setting and with people of all ages here at Rawlings Community Counseling. I operate from a client centered point of view, which means that I allow the client to take the lead.  It is the client’s importance as an individual, in other words, that determines where our work will take us.